We are creating an oasis of peace and solitude where...

You may choose to become part of our Senior Living Community.

You may bring your RV and stay a day, a month or a lifetime.

You may hike or bike around the facilities taking in all that the natural outdoors has to offer.

You may sit by the pond or in one of the bird & butterfly photo blinds to capture images in a camera or just unforgettable memories.

You may stay in the original Ranch Headquarters and imagine yourself back at the turn of the century. The original house is being restored to entertain groups of bird and nature photographers.

At La Jarra Ranch, sustainability means community service and connection with the South Texas outdoors and environmentally responsible living. It means a pervasive spirit for education of future leaders. At La Jarra Ranch, our retirement community has the single goal of living in harmony with nature and preserving its beauty for future generations.

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